Joseph Go

Joseph Go (O’Trip House, The One Connection) is a dancer, choreographer and world-renowned artist and legend! He practices Hip-Hop (Newstyle), House Dance, and African dances such as Afrohouse, Kuduro, Pansula and Azonto! Joseph Go was the winner of numerous dance battles known as Le Cerle Underground, Juste Debout …. For which he was also a finalist twice and a jury member in 2005. He is accustomed to judge the biggest dance events in Europe, Asia and the USA (KOD China, UK bboy Championship, Hip Hop International Championship Paris (France), Respect My Talent Russia, HipHop Revoluton, WOD word of Dance In Spain, Hip hop Kings (Holland), IBE (Holland) Delight Dance Japan, China Delight Dance, Street Style NYC etc)
He has taught at many international dance camps (Street Dance Camp Europe, HipHop Week Worldwide festival in Paris, Fair Play camp in Poland, Groovylish Spain, Summer Dance Forever in Holland, The Week in Italy, Urban Dance Camp New Era Camp in China, and many others).
This master has toured around the world (Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Czech Republic, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Russia, Romania, Sweden etc.).
Formerly, he was part of the company Kafig (The Body Is Graphic) was a member of the legendary „No Hard Feelings“ band.
He is now part of the O’Trip HOUSE and The One Connection crews.

In 2012, he created his dance association The One Connection with his partner Janča J. Ensemble, they are among the first to spread Afro urban culture on the European HipHop scene. Their video has practically reached the 4,000,000 views on YouTube! They are an inspiration for thousands of dancers in the world.

Joseph Go danced and created choreography for different artists such as CoppaDonna – Wu Tang Clan, one of the best-known American HipHop bands, as well as Nian Cherry’s „Sian Supa Crew“.

He brought to Hip-Hop an incredible technique, and a fabulous style. For him, finding one’s own style means „finding one’s identity, not by trying to be someone else’s look-alike, but feeling well with oneself.“