Masato Matsuura

Trained in Noh theatre with Master Tetsunojyo Kanze VIII and was “Uchi Deshi” (live-in apprentice) from 1988 to 1992. Participated in many plays in different theatres throughout Japan, such as the National Noh theatre and particularly performances directed by Hideo Kanze. Since 1992 Matsuura has studied modern western and Japanese theatre to explore diverse techniques, as well as continuing with classical Japanese theatre. During 1992 he also trained in Karate, sword fighting Itto Ryu Kenjutsu, and Iaijutsu and modern Kendo. This led to deeper studies on other methods and techniques which do not damage the body. In 2000 trained in sword fighting at Niten school in Tokyo, and Aiki jyujitsu (origin of Aikido) with Master Daittoryu Yoshimaru Keisetsu, and also Tai Chi in Tokyo. This combination of theatre and martial arts brings a deeper understanding of physical movement and corporal expression to enable more fluidity and a stronger physical dimension which is the base of traditional Japanese theatre bringing together, dance, music and weapons.Based in Paris since 2006, Matsuura created the school SAYU and LES DEUX SPIRALES dojo in the same year and is currently teaching and performing throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Workshops and master classes are provided for artists, such as, actors, dancers and musicians to help improve their techniques, corporal movement and vocal expressions. Matsuura directs and performs regularly in modern and traditional plays as well as acting and voice narration for film and television.