Arno Schuitemaker

Compelling, mesmeric, intens—he creates works one has to experience. Using ongoing, perpetual movement, his perception-based works become immersive and transformative encounters that speak about life and the time we live in. In collaboration with various extraordinary performers, composers and lighting designers each performance gets its own identity and perspective; often characterized as interdisciplinary, they transcend dance and push its boundaries. Acclaimed works such as The Fifteen Project | DUET and Together_till the end, the trilogy for three performers WHILE WE STRIVE, I will wait for you and If You Could See Me Now, and his first big stage work The Way You Sound Tonight have been presented at renowned contemporary dance festivals and theaters in over 15 countries across Europe, and beyond. tanz has ranked Arno Schuitemaker as one of the most promising artists in their yearbook 2017. Dance Europe has mentioned him as being “one of the leading dance makers in The Netherlands”. In Theatermaker, both The Way You Sound Tonight and I will wait for you were selected in the critics lists with the season’s best performances. He also is a winner of the Dioraphte Encouragement Award and the 2nd jury prize at [re]connaissance 2016.