TP #2 – Internal movement

Anja Röttgerkamp


We explore movement starting from a different motor. The internal movement, a force of stability, globality and endurance. To use exactly the right amount of force, or motor, invites us to be the most efficient.
Through introspective work, which allows us to get in contact with ourselves and the ‘here and now’, we move towards freeing ourselves from habits.
We’ll work on different states of observation, maintaining a panoramic attention and a focused attention at the same time.
Through exploration we will learn to let things happen, transform, and move without needing will power to be in movement.
To surf on the rhythm of the moment with its different temporalities and states of being.




27.09 > 01.10.2021 - 10:30 > 15:30
Brussel - Raffinerie

These training programmes are designed for professional dancers.
Each application will be considered in this context.

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Workshop 100€