[ Annulé ] Training Programme #15 : KI-CONTACT

Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto & Andrea Valfre

The name Ki Contact comes from the union of the Japanese word ki (internal energy or vital creative breath) with the western word Contact (famous practice of dance).
This search process has been inspired by the use of the Jo, the wooden stick usually used in martial arts and more unusually as a pedagogic instrument for dancers.
We propose a series of exercises done on your own, in couples or in groups:
Techniques of manipulation of the Jo in its various axes of rotation in space, 
 Techniques of projections or immobilizations, 

Techniques of attacks and defense deriving from the Jo dori practice.
We have also been thinking of a series of preparatory exercises to Dance Contact to investigate: Passage, loading, counter weight, 

Change of directions or of dynamic, 

Limits and counter techniques of the joints,
Flexibility of the body, 


Several improvised and playful exercises.
These different technical elements are being learned at the beginning through a game of roles meant to determine who does what and when.
Once the movements and the roles have been integrated, the practice relieves itself from the mechanics, reaching a greater freedom, which is at the same time more complex and unexpected, and thus, amusing.

6 > 9.04.2021 - 10:30 > 16:00
Bruxelles - Raffinerie

These training programmes are designed for professional dancers.
Each application will be considered in this context.
To register, you can send an email to :
Workshop 100€
Registration possible from 5 December 2020