Morning Dance Class

TP #7 — Dancing our hearts out

Maria Ferreira Silva



I invite you to join me in this morning training sessions to indulge in dancing together.
From my experience as a dancer and performer I will share a melting pot of practices that I have learned and translated alongside other artists emerging from various creative environments. Being someone deeply passionate about movement, I work from the pleasure inherent in the dance, it’s collectively empowering strength and the vibrant energy that gets manifested in the room.

In the past years I have been researching on plasticity and interconnectivity within movement and artistic practice. My curiosity lays on the visible and the invisible, the tactile, and the abstract, to explore new relational forms and movement possibilities. This work is based on improvisation, proprioception, coordination exercises, and visualisation practices where a constant attention in given to the individual and collective body. Music plays an important role to craft movement, and I like to use its affect as movement material. Within this umbrella of practices, I also work with the Feldenkrais Method to focus on the Soma – « the body perceived from within ».

Embracing diversity and singularity in the room, we will call our collective creative freedom to make space for this morning sessions to be somewhat in between a workout, a dance class and a morning party where I wish we will dance our sparkling hearts out.


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21 > 25.11.2022 - 10:30 > 12:30
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie

These training programmes are designed for professional dancers.
Each application will be considered in this context.

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Morning Class 8€ / Week 35€