Roger Bernat

Catalan director Roger Bernat (1968) is a leading figure in the performing arts in Spain. After studying architecture, he discovered theatre and at the age of 25 he entered the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona to study directing and dramaturgy. Soon after, he founded and directed, with Tomàs Aragay, the company General Elèctrica. Well known in Catalonia for their daring and engaged projects, General Elèctrica (1997-2001) created a dozen remarkable productions. Roger Bernat often concentrates on a variety of social groups (heroes, transsexuals, cab drivers, etc.) in his ongoing search for new theatrical forms.

He retakes documents, testimonies and historical stagings to elaborate projects in which the community becomes protagonist. There are no longer individual actors who embody the characters but it is the audience that, not without irony, represents the collective.

His shows include Public Domain (2008), The Rite of Spring  (2010),  Please Continue (Hamlet) (2011), Pending Vote (2012), Desplazamiento del Palacio de La Moneda (2014), Numax-Fagor-plus (2014), No se registran conversaciones de interés (2016-17) and The place of the Thing (Documenta 2017). The shows have been performed in more than 25 countries.

In 2009 he published with Ignasi Duarte, Querido Público, El espectador ante la participación: jugadores, usuarios, prosumers y fans. Ed. Cendeac.