Otniel Tasman

Otniel Tasman is a young choreographer who has strongly rooted on Javanese tradition, especially Banyumas tradition, his hometown. Tasman was exploring for Lengger Banyumas Tradition, as his mother tongue, it gives him experiences in making sense on every incident of his life and inspires him in creating works. The uniqueness of Lengger is danced by male, wearing female costume and make-up, the dancer commonly known as Lengger Lanang (Male Lengger). Otniel was exploring a lot of ideas based on gender identity of Lengger Lanang, and choreograph contemporarily for his works. His works are Rohwong (2010), Angruwat (2010), Mantra (2012), Looping Back Mantra (2012), Barangan (2013), Lengger Laut (2014), Penantian Dariah (2015), and Stand Go Go (2017). Otniel graduted from Indonesian of the Art Surakarta, Indonesia (2013), he had some collaboration works with national and international artists, such as: Ming Wong (German), Daniel Kok (Singapore), Maxine Happner (Canada), Hanafi Muhammad (Indonesia), Garin Nugroho (Indonesia).