Miet Warlop

Miet Warlop (b. 1978) is a Belgian visual artist who lives and works in Brussels and Berlin. She holds a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent where she studied three-dimensional art. In 2003, Warlop won the KASK Franciscus Pycke Jury Prize, and in 2004, the residence prize for Young Theatre Work, with her graduation project Huilend Hert, Aangeschoten Wild, an inhabited installation consisting of six scenes and a crawling subject. Many other performances and actions followed. In the context of the festival Lovepangs (2005) in Vooruit, she performed Koester de Kersen, and in the same year presented Sportband, Afgetrainde Klanken, a 40-minute performance concert staged as an exhausting battle between eight sporting musicians and a small cheering public. In addition, Warlop also worked as a set designer. In 2006-2007, she was part of DE BANK, a project by Victoria (now CAMPO) in Ghent, which provided young artists with the opportunity to work on a project over a period of two years. This is where she developed her series of Propositions called Grote Hoop/Berg. While touring all over Europe with Propositions, she created a new work titled Springville, a 50-minute moving game of chaos, expectation, and surprise in which scenography, costumes, props, and characters are closely interwoven. Springville premiered in May 2009 at BUDA arts centre. While touring with Springville, Warlop moved to Berlin to concentrate on her visual work and on a new performance, Mystery Magnet, in which six performers build an enormous painting-installation that forms the final image of the stage piece. As an associated artist at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Warlop kicked off with the second edition of Alligators, a weekend of mixed media and performances by different artists and musicians. Alligators is a project and an artist collective she created together with Reggie Watts, Michael Portnoy, and Ieva Miseviciuté in order to find better opportunities for working together without making artistic compromises. Meanwhile, Warlop is exploring different possibilities with her visual work and her Nervous Pictures performances, through projects and invitations in the context of the visual arts and theatrical environments. 2014 saw the premiere of Dragging The Bone, wherein sculptures of plaster and wax are built on stage by an athletic lunatic performed by Miet Warlop herself. She has since moved back to Brussels and is now establishing her own organisation.