Michèle Noiret

After graduating from the Mudra School in Brussels founded by Maurice Béjart, Michèle Noiret met Karlheinz Stockhausen. She studied the composer’s gesture notation system and worked with him as a soloist for fifteen years. During this rigorous, precise experience she founded her own company in 1986. She is the author of more than 30 choreographies, each of which provides access to a singular world that is poetic but always unsettling. Since 1997 she has introduced interactive technologies of sound and image in to her choreographic researches, questioning our perceptions of time and space. Using these tools, she likes to mix things up and spread discord. She has also always devoted a major part of her research to developing a fine, precise, altogether personal choreographic writing. The creation of a genuine dance-cinema and the construction of choreographic characters are other traits of her work. Since 2006 she has been an associate artist at the Théâtre National in Brussels. Michèle Noiret is a member of the Académie royale de Belgique.