Mathilde Laroque

Mathilde Laroque studies biology and choreographic art principaly in France (Professionnal studie Exerce in CCN of Montpellier). Yoga and the Feldenkrais method are part of her practice as a dancer. She moves in Brussels, attracted by the huge creativity and artistic trends in underground places. There, she meets and creates collaboration with visual artists. Her projects take the form of several solo and duet in atypical places and deal with multidisciplinarity. Proximity with the public is developped, raising the questions of the scenic space and the body as interface between the self and the world. Her involvement as an artist extends beyond the stage and reaches different audiences through cultural mediation actions, integral parts of her creative process. She worked eleven years in the documentation center of Contredanse and she also feeds on archives and the History of dancing. For her latest production, le S de l’ange (2016-2017), she is interested in the universal figure of Valsav Nijinski (1889-1950) and his Saut de l’ange that she shares with 50 people from 3 to 82 years old. Finally, it becomes an immersive installation and a solo. She works with a team of ten artists from the choreographic, visual, sound, plastic and digital arts. In 2018, surrounded by her faithful collaborators, and with the desire to continue her research, she embarks on a new “one-woman-solo”. Alone? Not so sure …, entitled La mue du S, which she approaches like a personal meeting with Nijinsky’s specters, his demons and his inspirations.