Mark Tompkins


American dancer, choreographer, singer and teacher, Mark Tompkins founds the Company I.D.A. in 1983. He creates solos, group pieces, concerts and performances that mix dance, music, song, text and video. His way of fabricating unidentified performance objects has become his signature.
Sa passion for real time composition takes him around the world, teaching and performing with many dancers and musicians. In 2008, he receives the SACD Choreography Prize for his work (Society of Dramatic Authors & Composers).

Fascinated by the friction between high and low entertainment, his performances are inspired by popular forms like music-hall, vaudeville, musicals, burlesque, and the ambivalence of gender: BLACK’N’BLUES, OPENING NIGHT, SHOWTIME, A WIND OF MADNESS, LE PRINTEMPS, BAMBI.
He sings and dances in the concert NEVER MIND THE FUTURE with Sarah Murcia, and collaborates with the Portuguese choreographer Mariana Tengner Barros in A POWER BALLAD and RESURRECTION.