Jule Flierl

For Jule the stage stinks but the spectator doesn’t. She likes to talk but to not make sense. Her tongue is as much of a sexual organ as its made for speaking. Jule likes monsters and that’s what she finds in herself, whenever she tries to dance. There is a problem with her lonely Solo Dances, that want to reflect her environment more than herself, because she thinks she is not an individual. Jule has worked as a Gogo Dancer in a Turkish Gay Bar, played the female lead role in German movie Führer Ex, studied at SEAD-Salzburg and the Master ex.e.r.ce in Montpellier. She also worked as dancer with Christine Borch, Martin Nachbar, Ibrahim Quarishi, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, Sergiu Matis, Meg Stuart and Tino Sehgal.

In 2017 she has presented the lecture performance I INTEND TO SING, in which she reflects her own practice and makes reference to historical vocal dances. She teaches the Workshop INNER SOUNDTRACKING and works as vocal coach.