Ely Daou

Ely Daou was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon in 1986. He completed his Masters in Architecture from Lebanese University-Fine Art Institute in 2010. Since 2012 he is based between Barcelona and Berlin. His body of work is concerned in questioning and protesting many of the world’s human conflict and human nature. As an interdisciplinary artist, Daou puts his body and mind within particular situation for the viewer to watch and consider, or putting the viewer into a physical environment to wander, look and wonder. Time, Repetition and Numbers are key indicators of the process and often work as a means to understand, explore and observe his practice, in which long duration processes and documentations are strongly present. The artist works within the political, social and personal art realm in a way where the viewer has space to think through. His work is not declarative, right or wrong. Daou is simply laying out a situation for consideration and provocation.