Caroline Cornélis

Caroline Cornélis was born in Brussels in 1973.
In 1998, while with the company IOTA, she discovered theatre for young audiences and ever since has been very keen to make young audiences more curious about and receptive to the language of contemporary dance.

In 2006 she set up her company, Nyash, and created La petite dame and Tout ce qui nous sépare.


Since 2010, she has been working alongside Miko Shimura as she continues to explore and refine her research for younger audiences. Together they created Kami, Terre Ô (awarded the prize of the Ministry of Children in Huy in 2013) and Stoel (awarded the prize of the Ministry of Children in Huy in 2015 and a prize from the media). In these last three pieces, the emphasis was on dialogue and on the confrontation between the body and matter, between bodies and objects.


Alongside her creative work, Caroline works as an artist and partner on development projects run by “Danse à l’école” within organisations such as the CDWEJ, Pierre de Lune, the Centre Culturel Jacques Franck and Rosas.