Camille Decourtye

She grows up in the world of horses and studies music at the academy. She trains as an aerial acrobat at the banquine and the teeter board in national schools (ENCR at Rosny-sous-Bois then CNAC at Châlons- en-Champagne). Meanwhile she develops a work on the voice. In 2004, she decides to integrate the horse in the projects of the company. She then develops a work of freedom and communication through the body by searching for the acting and the pushing forward of the singularity of each horse. She is a writer and a performer of all the shows of Baro d’evel. After the experience of the collective with ¿Porqué no? and Bechtout’ she directs the project Petit cirque au marché ; since 2006 she has been at the head of the company with Blaï Mateu Trias and has conceived the shows Le Sort du dedans, Mazùt, Bestias and the diptych Là, sur la falaise.