Bienvenue Bazié

He joined the artistic troop Le Bourgeon in 1993.
He was trained in dance, theatre, storytelling and music. He participated in many workshops under the supervision of some choreographers like Salia SANOU, Seydou BORO, Claude BRUMACHON, Benjamin LAMARCHE, Mattéo MOLLES, Xavier LOT, Eric MEZINO, etc.
Bienvenue BAZIE is the Joint Artistic Director for Art’ Dév/Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue created in 2000 and Wa Tid Saou created in 2009. As a dancer and choreographer, he works, creates and develops, with Auguste Ouedraogo, all the projects and shows of the company. He also works with other companies. From 2002 to 2005, he worked with the Company Kongo Ba Teria and danced in the shows Vin Nem, Frères sans stèles, Nagtaba (originating from a collaboration of Company Kongo Ba Teria with Company Tché Tché from Côte d’Ivoire).
He has been working with the company ULAL DTO from Xavier Lot and danced in the solo Welcome to Bienvenue and the duet Derrière les Mur/murs. In 2008, he per- formed the show Etrange étranger by Pambe Dance Company, a Hip Hop dance company. In 2011, he wrote with Salia Sanou a piece, M-Im (Matériel-Immatériel) for CDC la Termitière’s students, and choreographed and performed with Canadian Choreographer Jennifer Dallas the duet Converse. He also took part in the creation of Choreographer Seydou Boro’s dance show, Le Tango du Cheval. In 2012, he co-choreographed Biface, a concert choreography by Perrine Fifadji and Khanzaï, and created with Jennifer Dallas the piece Idioms. He was invited by choreographer Seydou Boro in 2013 to participate in the creation of the opening and closing show for the panafrican film festival, Fespaco.