Azusa Takeuchi

Azusa Takeuchi was born in Japan in 1985. After graduating from the Nihon University College of Art, she moved to France with the help of a grant from the Japanese government for artists in 2008, spending time at the Forest Beats Company run by Yutaka Takei and also at the CCD of Toulouse/Midi Pyrénées in 2010-2012, where she encountered Vincent Dupont, Alain Buffard, Robyn Orlin and Mladen Materic.
Since 2012, she has danced for numerous choreographers such as Myriam Gourfink in Évaporé (2018), Franck Vigroux in Flesh (2018), Ruines (2016) and Aucun Lieu (2013) choreographed by Myriam Gourfink, Romeo Castellucci in Democracy in America (2017), Rita Cioffi in LED’s PLAY (2014), Motoko Hirayama in POISON (2015), Yuta Ishikawa in Dust Park2 (2012) and in Mârouf in 2013, an opera by Jérôme Déchamps choreographed by Franck Chartier/Peeping Tom, and in Christian Rizzo’s Tannhäuser in 2012.
She also dances and creates her own pieces, such as Le Blanc (2010), KAMi (2011), and emotional intelligence (2016). For these solos she won the Masdanza award at the Yokohama Dance Collection in 2011 in Japan, and was a finalist in the 16Masdanza in the Canary Islands in 2011, and the Toyota Choreography Award in Japan in 2012. She also created pieces in collaboration with Japanese choreographers such as 26.5 2011 with Yuta Ishikawa and monstrum in 2012 with Yuriko Suzuki. She also collaborated with the director Mladen Materic (Théâtre Tattoo) on a solo prayer piece for Vera Ek, which was performed in at the Théâtre Garonne in Toulouse in November 2015.