Auguste Ouédraogo

He joined the troop Le Bourgeon in 1993 and received training in dance, theatre, storytelling and music. Then, he took part in many dance workshops directed by some famous choreographers like Christophe CHELLEUX, Robert SEYFRIED, Salia SANOU, Seydou BORO, Opiyo OKACH, Xavier LOT, Angelin PRELJOCA, Benjamin LAMARCHE, Claude BRUMACHON etc.
In 2000, Wilfried SOULY, Olivier TARPAGA and Auguste OUEDRAOGO created the Company Tã, which has become the Company Auguste Bienvenue in 2007.
Auguste OUEDRAOGO has created many choreographic pieces and also participated in the creation of many other dance shows.
In 2008, he launched, with Bienvenue Bazié, the girl oriented project Engagement Féminin. This project aims at sensitizing West African girls to the practice of contemporary dance through workshops, residencies and performances.
He created several pieces Kuum (Mort, 2001), Bûudu (Le Songe du Peuple, 2002), Sèg Sègbo (2004) with the collaboration of Hind Benali, Traces (2007), with the assistance of de Bienvenue Bazié and the collaboration of Jacques Pibot, Liliane Maurin and Jean Chazy from l’Association des plasticiens le Génie de la Bastille de Paris, Tourments Noirs (2009), L’Opéra Urbain Leena with Guy Lenoire (2011), Biface, Concert-Choreography by Perrine Fifadji and Khanzaï (2012).