Alireza Mirmohammadi


Alireza Mirmohammadi is an Iranian dancer, choreographer and director. He was born on 8th of April 1986 in Tehran, Iran.
He has his bachelor’s degree in drama from Art university of Tehran. During these years from 2005 till present he attended in so many workshops such as the one with Christina Ciupke, Jule Flierl, Kaya Katodziejczyk, Gilles Polet, Bara Sigfusdottir, Katerina Bakatsaki, Attila Pesyani, Mehdi Farajpoor, Mohammad Abbasi and Atefe Tehrani. At first, they attended in Fadjr theatre festival and after that they performed it for a month in Tehran central theatre hall.
He has experiences in different fields of art all related to drama. 
As a performer, he started his activities by acting in different collegiate and interactive performances in various Urban spaces together with Iranian director Mehdi Faradjpour from 2005 to 2009.
Then he continued performing with the renowned iranian choreographer, Atefeh Tehrani in her dance/ theatre project
As a director, he started his work in some collegiate projects and after that he had his strong step with Faust, a dance/theatre project in 2011.
Three months later he directed another project in Tehran Art university. Then he led the cast of dancers for a movie called I want to by renowned Iranian director Bahman Farmanara in 2013.

In 2016, he made the dance film nature exploration in different parts of his homelands.

In 2017 Alireza felt the lack of a community in which the dancer in all fields can find each other so he founded IPAC (Iranian Performing Arts Community).
The community has now 300 members. At the same time, he was the local partner for the organisation of IETM (International
network for contemporary performing arts) caravan meeting in Tehran.

On June 2017, he was the director advisor of a short film The home which I loved written and directed by Maryam Ghiasi.

From 2017 till now he works with Bára Sigfusdóttir, Icelandic/Belgian based choreographer, in her very
last art piece being.
The team is currently on a tour to many countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Iceland and they have so many other countries to join.
Before this project Alireza had a cooperation with Bára in her movement research. 
In the last months of 2018 he was the director advisor of a short film stain by Maryam Ghiasi.
After that he worked on his own new solo project Lullaby as a dancer and choreographer for which he had the residency at Workspacebrussels on January 2019 and just after that he moved to Essen, Germany for his second residency at PACT on February 2019.