Alessandro Sciarroni

Alessandro Sciarroni (b. 1976) is an Italian artist active in the performing arts, with several years’ experience in the visual arts and theatre research. His works are featured at festivals of contemporary dance and theatre, in museums, art galleries and unconventional spaces, and involve professionals from different disciplines. Reaching well beyond the traditional definitions of gender, Sciarroni starts from a conceptual Duchamp-like matrix, making use of the theatrical framework, and often applies techniques and experiences from dance as well as from the circus or sports. In addition to the rigour, coherence, and clarity of each creation, his work tries to uncover the obsessions, fears, and fragilities embedded in the act of performing, through the use of repetitive movements, pushing the limits of physical endurance and thus challenging the interpreters; this creates a different dimension of time and produces an empathic relationship between the audience and the performers. Among other main events he has participated in are: Biennale de la Danse, Lyon; Impulstanz Festival, Vienna; Venice Biennale; Festival d’Automne, Paris; Festival Séquence Danse at 104, Paris; Abu Dhabi Art Fair; and Julidans Festival, Amsterdam. He has also exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at the MAXXI in Rome. Presented within circuits and networks for the diffusion of contemporary dance and mobility, were works such as Antibodies Explo, Aerowaves, and Modul Dance, a multi-year collaborative project that involves 19 European dance houses in 15 different countries. He has taken part in numerous European projects and research residences like Choreographic Dialogues (2010), Choreoroam (2011), Performing Gender (2014): a European project on gender and sexual orientation, and Migrant Bodies (2014-15): a research and choreographic production project that aims to promote reflections and creations on the theme of migration and its cultural impact on European and Canadian societies. In 2015, Sciarroni was appointed Associate Choreographer of the Ballet of Rome, and his latest piece, Aurora, has received support from the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès. Since 2016, Alessandro Sciarroni is associated artist at Le CENTQUATRE in Paris.