Alain Michard

Alain Michard is a French choreographer and visual artist. Starting with dance as his ‘roots’, his work today involves leading a wide range of different artistic projects, using a variety of artistic media (music, film, photography, writing). His influences range from post- modern dance to Alain Cavalier’s movies, from Beckett’s texts to Robert Ashley’s music, by way of Robert Filliou’s work.
A common thread in Alain Michard’s work is the theme of wandering and journeys, and the building of communities. Some pieces are designed for public spaces, and explore perception, and the imaginary essence of towns and landscape (Promenades blanches, En son quartier). Another important focus of his work is the notion of a collective history of art, based on a living memory (Ecole ouverte).
His films include documentaries (L’autre pays) and fiction (Clandestine), some of them are based on his relationship with dance (Ascension, On air).
 Alain Michard supports and produces other artists as artistic director of different festivals, residencies and events (A Domicile).
His pedagogical work is an integral part of, and articulates with, his creative work. He is regularly invited for teaching in Universities and National Art-schools.
 As a performer he has worked principally for Odile Duboc, Marco Berrettini, Boris Charmatz and Xavier Marchand (theatre).
He creates and shows his work in a diversity of places and countries (France, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Belgium, Portugal, Brasil, Japan).
 He has received awards from the Villa Kujoyama-Kyoto (2001) and the Villa Médicis Hors les murs-Istanbul (2009).