Are you an artist?

Requests for a coproduction, residence or open studio should be addressed to Annie Bozzini, Director of Charleroi danse, and emailed to Laurence Baurain.

Twice a year, an internal committee meets and selects the projects that are to be supported.

Next date for submitting dossiers: 25 May 2018
Response from the artistic committee: from 15 June 2018


+32 (0)71 20 56 43

Are you a business?

To request availability, contact Laurence Baurain.


+32 (0)71 20 56 43


Are you a teacher?

Charleroi danse has selected some shows for you to bring your students to. Different packages are possible.

For all requests linked to activities that are adapted to school audiences, contact Arnaud Baugnée (Charleroi) or Ludovica Riccardi (Brussels).

Teaching tools (packs and teaching kits) are also available.

Contacts :

+32 (0)71 23 01 32

+32 (0)71 23 01 33
5€ Tarif groupe scolaire

Are you a professional in the performing arts?

If would like to come to a show in Brussels or Charleroi, please contact Fabienne Aucant.

A welcome booklet containing addresses and information useful for your visit is also available.

Contact :

+32 (0)71 23 01 31