Involving audiences

Throughout the season, Charleroi danse runs activities to help audiences learn more about the world of the dancers and choreographers on the bill, in addition to finding out about the reality and day-to-day work of a choreographic centre: guided tours of the spaces at La Raffinerie and Les Écuries, projects involving local associations and courses for students are just some of the strands of our work to raise awareness about dance.

Our programme also features encounters, an opportunity to meet the artists, the outcomes of residences, workshops, lectures and others activities.

Echoing the shows
Dance in film

From January to June 2018, Charleroi danse is entering into a partnership with Quai 10 in Charleroi on the subject of dance in film, selecting films that give pride of place to dance in whatever its form.
Each screening is accompanied by encounters or activities.

— 21.02 à 18:00 : That’s dancing!, Jack Haley Jr (1985).

— 22.02 à 20:30 : Saturday Night Fever, John Badham (1978).

— 17.04 à 18:00 : West Side Story, Jerome Robbins & Robert Wise (1961).

— 10.06 à  18:00 : All That Jazz, Bob Fosse (1979).

Quai Arthur Rimbaud, 10
6000, Charleroi

Information :
+32 (0)71 23 01 32

Presentation of the season

In mid-June 2018, Charleroi danse is organising two events to present the programme for the 2018-2019 season to the public.
Bring your friends and get a preview of some new surprises in dance and perhaps already plan what you’re going to see and when!

June 14th 2018 — CHARLEROI Les Écuries
June 15th 2018 — BRUSSELS La Raffinerie

Young audiences

Charleroi danse makes no secret of its desire to attract audiences of all ages. The smallest among us will also love the regular programme for young audiences.
See the programme

Viens fêter ton anniversaire aux Écuries, à Charleroi !

For children aged 6-12. Come and see the show, have tea and get a small gift for free + a special price of € 3 per child for your friends.
— Sunday 18 February for the show d’à côté by Christian Rizzo (for those born between 3 February and 3 March)
— Saturday 9 June for Big Bears Cry Too by Miet Warlop

Information & bookings (compulsory)
+32 (0)71 20 56 40

Les mercredis — Ateliers de danse

Peggy Francart is offering dance workshops based on themes associated with Charleroi danse’s programme. The contemporary repertoire, metamorphosed bodies and monstrosities are some of the ideas that will be tackled in a fun and creative atmosphere. The series will end with a public presentation of the work during the International Dance Day on 29 April 2018.

Information & registration
+32 (0)71 50 92 87
Wednesdays from 18.10.2017 to 27.06.2018 (except school holidays):
16:00 > 18:00 — for children (6+)
19:00 > 21:00 — for adults
Charleroi — Les Écuries

Courses during the school holidays

With its desire to open La Raffinerie’s doors to Molenbeek’s children, Charleroi danse and the Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale are running courses during the school holidays.

Stage de carnaval

In February, we will be welcoming the dancers Grégory Grosjean and Gabriella Iacono for a fun and imaginative dance course based on games: games of balance, games with our feet (hopscotch, twister), games of rhythm, memory and space. Each child will memorise his or her dance and then teach it to the others. The aim of the course is to create little choreographies for groups of three to five children.

Mon 12 > Fri 16 February 2018 — 09:00 > 12:00
For children aged 6 to 9
Prices: € 35 for children from Molenbeek or who attend school in the commune / € 60 for everyone else
BRUSSELS La Raffinerie
Information & registration:
+32 (071) 23 01 33

Amateur activities

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, take the step and come and dance!
#foreveryone #childrentoo #brussels #charleroi

Les mardis — Mouvement et bien-être

In Brussels, dancer and choreographer Fernando Martín offers a series of movement and fitness workshops. This course is designed for anyone who wants to discover the techniques of dance and wellbeing, such as do-in (self-massage), chi-kung (movement of energy), stretching yoga and of course contemporary dance.
A regular class to keep yourself physically fit and get to know your body better.

Information & registration:
+32 (0)71 23 01 33

Tuesdays from 17.10.2017 to 26.06.2018 (except in school holidays)
19:30 > 21:00

Class € 5

Brussels — La Raffinerie

Les mercredis — Ateliers de danse

Peggy Francart is offering dance workshops based on themes associated with Charleroi danse’s programme. The contemporary repertoire, metamorphosed bodies and monstrosities are some of the ideas that will be tackled in a fun and creative atmosphere. The series will end with a public presentation of the work during the International Dance Day on 29 April 2018.

Information & registration:
+32 (0)71 50 92 87

Wednesdays from 18.10.2017 to 27.06.2018 (except school holidays):
16:00 > 18:00 — for children (6+)
19:00 > 21:00 — for adults


Charleroi — Les Écuries

Les vendredis — Atelier de mouvements destinés à des 55+

The movement workshops run by Fernando Martín in Charleroi are continuing. Intended for people aged over 55, they aim to improve the body’s mobility and flexibility through breathing exercises, self-massage, stretching and learning the techniques of chi kung, do-in and yoga.

Information & registration:
+32 (0)71 50 92 87

Fridays from 20.10.2017 to 29.06.2018 (except school holidays):
10:30 > 12:30

Registration fee € 20 per year

Charleroi — Les Écuries

School audiences

Learning about dance and body issues will be a fixed part of school curriculums when the cultural and artistic educational pathway (PECA) comes into force. It can also provide a methodological approach to a particular goal in teaching. We are listening to teachers and offering them a range of tools free of charge. So, teachers, why not drop in and tell us what you need and what you expect. Then we’ll develop your individual educational approach together!

If you are a teacher, see the professionals’ section

ÉKLA / Rencontres Danse à l’École

Every year, in association with Ékla, a youth drama centre in Wallonia (CDWEJ), Charleroi danse hosts the Rencontres Danse à l’École at Les Écuries. The aim of these days is to raise the profile of workshops conducted all year round in a number of schools in Wallonia as part of the Art in Schools programme.
Introducing children from a very early age to the arts, educating them in how to see things by inviting them to question what is revealed, or simply giving them an opportunity to devote themselves to creation during the project are vital challenges in the construction of tomorrow’s society.
During the academic year, in partnership with an artist and the teacher, students are able to experience the creative process. At the end of a season of workshops in class, with the emphasis on research and experimentation, a short version of their work is presented. This is envisaged not as a finished show but as a stage in an ongoing process. However this fragile and ephemeral moment of encounter with an audience gives the students an idea of the power of their creation and allows them to exchange ideas with other school students from all over Wallonia, sharing ideas in a caring and inquisitive setting. During this process, the students are actors, dancers, writers and spectators.
This event is being held this year on 26 and 27 April 2018.

Molenbeek roots

In its industrial past, La Raffinerie was one of the beating hearts of Molenbeek. To continue to play a role in the area and be open to different audiences, it offers a series of dance outreach activities.
Building bridges, forging links, awakening new interests, La Raffinerie undertakes to find points of convergence and ways of coming together with the local population. Artists selected and supported by the institution work in close collaboration with schools and associations and develop unique artistic projects.
La Raffinerie offers a regular programme for young audiences, including performances in collaboration with the Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale. La Raffinerie’s doors are open to school children and audiences of all kind, including during the school holidays when there are creative courses for young children.
In time, a children’s space is to be created to allow local children to learn practices in contemporary dance while their mums go off and relax and/or do different training.

+32 (0)71 23 01 33

Première danse à Molenbeek

There is an age when dance is spontaneous, uninhibited and innate. It happens universally in children aged between two-and-a-half and 6 years old. Nevertheless this early free dance happens within a sociological and cultural context. It is obviously expressed differently in different environments and cultures. You just have to mention all the dances listed to understand the richness of this art form and the true sense of the word ‘popular’: tango, salsa, hip hop, tecktonik, waltz, slow, disco, sardan, flamenco, zulu, haka, oriental dance, twist, Indian dance, country, tribal dance, polka, break dance, folk dance, jump style, classical dance etc.
The First Dance series proposes recording all these different kinds of first choreographic gestures by filming different children from Molenbeek. It is about building up a kind of record of dancing children in the area, a sensory map of this generation’s free movements.
At the end of filming, we will have a unique collection of portraits of children with different faces and bodies, creating a universal image of Molenbeek childhood in movement. The collection will be housed in the commune’s town hall like a joyful trace left behind by this generation and kept as a lasting impression for future generations.

With dancers
Resident choreographers Ayelen Parolin and Louise Vanneste

Being the only choreographic centre in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation means that Charleroi danse has a responsibility both towards the public and towards artists. A new policy of activities for audiences has been put in place, while for professionals, in addition to responses that need to be made on an ad hoc basis, thought is being given to the long term. From 2017 to 2020 Charleroi danse is committing itself to producing, presenting and supporting the works of the choreographers Ayelen Parolin and Louise Vanneste.
Why and what do these “residences” mean? For the new team heading up Charleroi danse, it is important to redefine what this well-worn notion about positioning artists at the heart of what we do actually means by redrawing the very contours of this “heart”. It is clear that some up-and-coming artists can become worn down by the lack of funding or overt appreciation, trapped in a kind of prolonged adolescence and dependency in the artistic and institutional realm. This is a harmful and unproductive policy that should be avoided. Being the institution it is, Charleroi danse has chosen two artists living and working in Belgium whose development is at a critical point of maturity. To become established and fully autonomous, a risk is being taken for them to produce work regularly, enabling them to concentrate solely on their own artistic activities and avoid spreading themselves too thinly.
In specific terms, the support given to Louise Vanneste and Ayelen Parolin comes in the form of € 150,000 of financial assistance that they can apportion according to their priorities over a three-year period. To run their operations they have been given an office at La Raffinerie and priority access to the rehearsal studios. In return, they both commit to establish links with the audiences of Charleroi danse outside their creations, in whatever form they devise. Between the more eccentric Ayelen and the more abstract Louise, these two artists motivated by very different imaginary worlds are in the process of revealing a true poetry of form in what remains precarious work requiring the support of Charleroi danse.


As part of its policy to provide assistance and support creation, every year Charleroi danse undertakes to coproduce shows. This coproduction is first and foremost for artists in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, but is also open to projects by foreign artists. It is available to both established and up-and-coming artists. The assistance consists of a financial contribution and is generally accompanied by providing studio space and possibly technical, administrative or promotional support by including pieces on the programme in our spaces in Brussels and Charleroi.

For the 17-18 season, the artists and projects in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation that we are coproducing are:

Lara Barsacq Lost in Ballets russes
Alessandro Bernardeschi and Mauro Paccagnella El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido
Fanny Brouyaux De la poésie, du sport, etc.
Félicette Chazerand RONDES
Ondine Cloez Vacances vacance
Caroline Cornélis 10:10
Lorenzo de Angelis De la force exercée
Olga de Soto Mirage
Léa Drouet Boundary Games
Thomas Hauert How to proceed
Harold Henning The Old Loop
Youness Khoukhou Noon
Monia Montali et François Bodeux Ill seen
Bénédicte Mottart humanimal
Michèle Noiret création 2018
Albert Quesada It’s time
Jonathan Schatz Immersion
Thierry Smits / THOR We are woman
Pierre Larauza + Emmanuelle Vincent / t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e Mutante
Uiko Watanabe La mousse
Fré Werbrouck Murmurô
Erika Zueneli Allein !

The international productions, artists and projects we are coproducing are:

Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero (B)
Bryan Campbell Square Dance
Eric Minh Cuong Castaing Phoenix
Malika Djardi 3
Jule Flierl Störlaut
Bruno Freire À la recherche du ___________.
Olivia Grandville À l’Ouest
Lisbeth Gruwez The Sea within
Ali Moini création 2018
Vilma Pitrinaite SOMAHOLIDAYS
Christian Rizzo d’à côté

Residences and Open Studio

Every season, Charleroi danse offers choreographers in the Federation as well as international choreographers the possibility of benefiting from our “creative residences”. This support comes in the form of providing work spaces at Les Écuries and La Raffinerie and accommodation (in Charleroi only), as well as technical and administrative support so that the artists can develop their projects in ideal conditions. These residences are generally accompanied by support with coproduction. Meeting audiences, taking residences out and about, and awareness and outreach activities are organised at the artists’ request or in line with Charleroi danse’s projects. This dialogue with the organisation can last for a number of weeks.

“Open Studio” is another programme supporting choreographic creation. In parallel with artists’ residences, Charleroi danse hosts a company or an artist for a stage in their creation or research, providing one of the six rehearsal studios at Les Écuries in Charleroi or at La Raffinerie in Brussels free of charge. There may also be technical and administrative assistance as well as the offer of an artistic perspective. The Open Studio, which lasts for at least one week, first and foremost benefits up-and-coming choreographers or a choreographic team, but they may also come from another artistic field if their approach involves some kind of interaction with dance.

To submit applications for a coproduction, residence or an open studio,
see the professionals’ section.

Training programme

Responding to the needs of the profession, Charleroi danse offers a continuous programme of classes and workshops at La Raffinerie. This training allows dancers, of whom there are many in Brussels, to learn a variety of techniques and develop their research and improvisation work. The teachers are dancers and choreographers from all over the world, recognised for their teaching skills and singular approaches and representative of different dance practices today. This season, the training programme is being extended to offer regular teaching in dances from all over the world as well as new forms of folklore.

See the programme.

Information & registration:
+32 (0)71 23 01 33

Class € 8 / Week € 35

Price varies

Brussels — La Raffinerie

Hip hop – du Tremplin à la Scène #3

Launched in 2009, springboard to the stage #3 is the third time that professional training is being offered to hip-hop dancers coordinated by the Centre culturel Jacques Franck in collaboration with other cultural actors. Alongside Compagnie Victor B, Théâtre de Namur, Centre culturel de Namur, Mars – Mons arts de la scène, Centre culturel régional du Centre – La Louvière, Théâtre de Liège, FLOW – Centre Euro-régional des cultures urbaines, association Lezarts Urbains, Grand Studio, Iles asbl Iles, Bureau International de la Jeunesse and Compagnie Art Track, Charleroi danse is one of the partners involved in this venture again this year. The project, initiated by Jean-Claude Pambè Wayack and supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, is an opportunity to contribute to the recognition and development of hip-hop dance on professional stages.
Le Tremplin trains young artists for a year and supports them as they work on choreographic creation. During several weeks of intensive training in theoretical and practical modules given by specialists, a group of twenty up-and-coming artists will be able to perfect their art by enriching it with various styles that are historically part of the hip-hop movement: break, locking, popping, but also more recent disciplines linked to urban dance such as house dance, krump, waacking and afro modern. Le Tremplin also allows participants to take a more professional approach by tackling choreographic writing, dramaturgy, set design etc. The programme culminates in a public presentation of their creations during a tour to partner theatres in 2019-2020.

With the performing arts sector

Brussels, Dance !

Between 1 February and 31 March, dance, in all its diversity and vitality, will take centre stage in Brussels!

For its third edition, Brussels, dance! will once again put contemporary choreography in the spotlight.

Brussels attracts choreographers from Belgium and abroad who are inspired by the dynamics of an inventive and vibrant capital. Great talents from the dance world create, meet and showcase their work in this exceptionally lively and creative city.
Brussels, dance! is an initiative from 13 arts centres who want to raise the profile of contemporary dance and make Brussels shine as the capital of dance! The organisers also want to encourage the audience to discover unfamiliar places and promote contact between spectators and artists in this cultural network.

This year, 13 cultural centres will bring together their programmes under the label “Brussels, dance!” Beursschouwburg, Charleroi danse / La Raffinerie, Garage
29, Kaaitheater, KVS, L’L, Balsamine, La Bellone, le 140, Jacques Franck, the Brigittines, Les Halles de Schaerbeek and Théâtre National illustrate the richness and diversity of the Brussels dance scene and make their audiences an open and bold offer.


For the full programme, please visit our website: