Morning Dance Class / workshop

Vortical occupation of space

Rasmus Olme

Morning classes: Vortical occupation of space

The title of the class can be understood through the following manifesto:
Consider your body as a thing – a pacifist Weapon of Mass Production.
Explore a non-instrumental approach to movement technique.
Base the bodily movements on functionality, then detach them from function and do the DANCE.
Follow the movement with everythingeverywhereallthetime.

Afternoon workshop: Movement Material

The workshop will be an investigation into the questions that I’m currently involved in through the research project called Movement Material. Movement is mostly understood as immaterial but it can only reveal itself through materialization. We will work on becoming sensitive to the experience of movement in our material bodies, as a way to become nuanced in our materialization of movement. To do so we will approach movement as a tactile experience.
We will circle this subject through improvisations, set movement materials, discussions and some short readings. In a larger context, this investigation explores movement as a form of knowledge production.


© Nicklas Dennermalm
19 > 23.03.2018 - 10:30 > 12:30 + 13:30 > 16:30
Brussels - La Raffinerie

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Morning Class 8€ / Week 35€
Workshop (morning + afternoon class) : 100€ / Week