Piece for 9 dancers

une maison

Christian Rizzo / ICI — CCN Montpellier

Creation 2019

Chorégraphie, scénographie, costumes, objets lumineux : Christian Rizzo
Interprétation : Youness Aboulakoul, Jamil Attar, Lluis Ayet, Johan Bichot, Léonor Clary, Miguel Garcia Llorens, Pep Garrigues, Julie Guibert, Ariane Guitton, Hanna Hedman, David Le Borgne, Maya Masse, Rodolphe Toupin, Vania Vaneau
Création lumière : Caty Olive
Création médias : Jéronimo Roé
Création Musicale : Pénélope Michel et Nicolas Devos (Cercueil / Puce Moment)
Assistante artistique : Sophie Laly
Réalisation costumes : Laurence Alquier
Assistant scénographie, programmation multimédia : Yragaël Gervais
Direction technique : Thierry Cabrera

Production : ICI — CCN de Montpellier/ Occitanie – Direction Christian Rizzo, avec le soutien de la Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
Coproduction : Charleroi danse, Bonlieu -Scène nationale Annecy, Chaillot- Théâtre national de la Danse, Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, Festival Montpellier Danse 2019, Opérade Lille, National Performing Arts Center – National Theater & Concert Hall Taïwan, TNB – Théâtre National de Bretagne, L’Empreinte – Scène nationale Brive Tulle, Teatro Municipal
do Porto / Festival DDD – Dias da Dança, Mercat de les Flors – Casa de la Dansa, Ménagerie de Verre, La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse/Occitanie, domaine d’O Montpellier, Theater Freiburg
Participation : CNC – DICRéAM
Accueil Studio : CND – Centre national de la danse
Soutien : DRAC Occitanie, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

Une co-présentation Kaaitheater et Charleroi danse

For someone who formed a rock group, created a clothing brand and was an art student at the Villa Arson in Nice, dance
was initially something he did in a night
club. After performing for a few years, Christian Rizzo set up Fragile in 1996 to
make choreographic objects in his image: unclassifiable, thoughtful and aesthetically sophisticated.
His latest creation, une maison, brings on stage a group of 14 dancers of different ages and backgrounds, brought together under a galaxy of rays of light.
The movement in it unfolds in a continuous flow, gently contaminating one body to the next. Because for this artist, the group is governed by a tactile experience that shares solitude and fiction without hindrance or pre-established order. Aware of the state of the world, Rizzo positions himself deliberately on the side of tenderness. His resistance is manifested in the multiplication of viewpoints and a rejection of what is threatening.
This is reflected once again in this house without a door that offers several windows onto
an imaginary world.

Thu. 20.02.2020
Brussels - Kaaitheater
Fri. 21.02.2020
Brussels - Kaaitheater
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