Morning Dance Class

TP #16 β€” Living in the Movement 🟒

Alesandra Seutin

Dancing with truth.
Embodying grounded and inside out movement qualities to connect with one self, the others and the universe.
Exploring the spine, its movement, fluidity and versatility to amplify transformation of Movements.
Tuning into the voice to generate a flow and expansive quality of movement with a focus on dynamism and performance.
How does one find a natural groove, respond to the pulse of the heart, beat of a sound and live in the movement with poise, power and vitality.

03 > 06.05.2022 β€” 10:30 > 12:30
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie

These training programmes are designed for professional dancers.
Each application will be considered in this context.

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Morning Class 8€ / Week 30€