Morning Dance Class

TP #4 – Fluidity / Virtuosity

Nicolas Vladyslav

My workshop is a physical training based on floor work. We start the class by working our flexibility by means of different stretches, linked to the breath. We use the weight of the body and the release to achieve organic and continuous movement. We go on with some isolated technical balancing exercises (on the hands, the forearms, the shoulders, the head). We work with different points of support and we do some small acrobatics (rolls, bridges) in order to develop controlled movement when traveling the space: we combine jumps, turns, drops and being off balance; all of this while playing with risk-taking, taking the space, and also searching for different movement qualities. We end the class by combining all these elements into fluid and virtuosic choreographic phrases.








25 > 29.10.2021- 10:30 > 12:30
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie

These training programmes are designed for professional dancers.
Each application will be considered in this context.

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Morning Class 8€ / Week 35€