Piece for 8 performers

Toumaï Trilogy

Thierry Smits

Vision 03

Chorégraphie : Thierry Smits
Danseurs : Ruben Brown, André Cabral, Valerie Ebuwa, Juan Ferré Gomez, Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica, Mimbi Lubansu, Annabel Reid, Eduard Turull Montells
Assistant à la chorégraphie : Vincenzo Carta

Assistant à la mise en scène, dramaturge : Jacques André
Scénographie collective en dialogue avec Boris Dambly
Création lumière, construction : Ralf Noon

Création sonore : Jean-François Lejeune

Création costumes : Stefania Assandri

Développement de projet : Fabien Defendini
Photo © Laeticia Defendini

Production : Studio Thor
Coproduction : Charleroi danse (en cours)

Intuitive and responsive, for thirty years Thierry Smits has been exploring the relationship with the body as a political space. Long interested in highly topical issues around the environment and a world unravelling both ecologically and economically, he now reflects onthe organisation of the performing arts, a reflection intensified by the coronavirus health crisis and its effects. With this in mind he is offering Toumaï – which means “hope of life” in the Gouran language. In a metamorphosing stage device, the choreographer translates our futures into plastic “visions”, somewhere between catastrophe and resilience. Thus three different visions in three distinct times make up the novel format of this creation, which is only being performed in his Studio Thor in Brussels. The third vision will be shown to audiences from Charleroi who are being driven in a bus specially chartered by Charleroi danse straight to its place of creation in Brussels.


Sat. 19.06.2021
Charleroi - Les Écuries