Piece for 4 performers

[ Cancelled ] Revoir Lascaux

Gaëlle Bourges

Belgian Premiere / All audiences 10+

Conception, récit : Gaëlle Bourges
Danse, maniement des images, chant : Gaëlle Bourges, Arnaud de la Celle, Abigail Fowler,
Stéphane Monteiro
Musique, régie générale : Stéphane Monteiro alias XtroniK
Lumière, régie lumière : Abigail Fowler
Fabrication de la grotte et des masques : Gaëlle Bourges, Arnaud de la Celle, Abigail Fowler, Stéphane Monteiro

Fabrication des images tournantes : Arnaud de la Celle, Abigail Fowler

Conception des masques : Wintercroft
Couture de la grotte : Cédrick Debeuf assisté de Haruka Nagaï, Lucile Brault

Production : association Os

Coproduction : L’échangeur – CDCN Hauts-de-France

Soutien : DRAC Île-de-France


Gaëlle Bourges draws inspiration for
her stage work from her interest in art
and art history to produce works and performances about the world and bodies.
In Revoir Lascaux, she follows in the footsteps of the four teenagers who in September 1940 discovered the Lascaux cave and its legendary beasts, horses, stags, aurochs and felines dancing on the walls they had been painted and engraved on 18,000 years earlier.
In a theatre of shadows and masks and in the heart of a cave made out of cardboard boxes and fabric, the choreographer puts the explorers (and audience) into a stage machine to go back in time. Singing and dancing with the Lascaux artists, they blend the spirit and life force of the animals painted on the walls. Following an imaginary path, Revoir Lascaux leads us to the emotions found in this very distant (yet still strangely close) world of our ancestors who wore masks to take on animal spirits.


Raconte nous une histoire !
Un conte pour enfants et adultes est proposé avant le spectacle à 18h30 !
En collaboration avec la maison du conte de Charleroi

Fri. 23.04.2021
Charleroi - Les Écuries
+ Fri. 23.04.2021
Charleroi - Les Écuries