Pièce pour 4 danseuses

Red, a documentary performance

Wen Hui

Belgian premiere

Chorégraphie : Wen Hui

Texte : Zhuang Jiayun

Dramaturgie : Kai Tuchmann

Interprètes : Jiang Fan, Li Xinmin, Liu Zhuying, Wen Hui

Lumières : Edwin van Steenbergen

Vidéo : Zou Xueping

Scénographie : Zhou Jie

Intervieweurs : Wen Hui, Zhuang Jiayun, Zou Xueping

Musique : Wen Lvyuan

Traduction : Guo Rui, Xu Qian

Diffusion : Damien Valette

Coproduction : Living-Dance Studio, Goethe-Institut China

Soutien : Goethe-Institut Peking, Power Station of Art Shanghai, Purple Star Culture & Communication Co ;, Ltd., Frontier Center

Wen Hui is a Chinese film-maker and choreographer whose work is based on memories from his homeland. In Red, it lingers on the history of the Red Detachment of Women, a company exclusively made up of women dedicated to the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s and 1970s. Armed with guns but wearing pointes, they celebrated the merits of the Great Helmsman and powerfully expressed their devotion to the Revolution with grands jetés and martial dances. Wen Hui has brought together two generations of dancers to evoke the power of history by examining the choreographies created for these indoctrinated bodies and the principles behind them: material gathered from the past so as to understand the present.


Juste avant le spectacle Red de Wen Hui, nous vous offrons une petite introduction au travail de la chorégraphe dans l’histoire d’un des huits piliers de la propagande chinoise : Le Détachement féminin rouge.

Ma 03.10 – 18:45 > 19:45
Bruxelles — La Raffinerie
sur présentation du ticket du spectacle

+ Tue. 03.10.2017
Brussels - La Raffinerie