morning dance class

Letting go – class

Peter Savel

My class has developed and evolved since my studies at P.A.R.T.S. as a space for me to go back to myself. For in working with non-dancers and staying curious about our socio-political contexts for dance art, I have realized I am not interested in dance technique as it is known or defined. Rather, I see movement and dance as a means for me to (re-)access my full potential. My question for myself at all times is simply: “Where do I stand in my own way, and what makes me hold back?”. By becoming aware of patterns, beliefs, thoughts, fears, or habits, I know now I can let go of them.

So, although I work with pragmatic or grounding elements of anatomical information and physical coordination to seek out elusive realms of thought, emotion, and intuition, for me, letting go refers to more than releasing muscular tension and finding physical efficiency. In my class, I want to come back to a space I believe we are all capable of entering: This is a space of total creativity, which is innate to all humans, I believe, and can be used effectively in any life situation and constellation. For me, it is a state of being that we all know and have passed through in our childhood. The difference between childhood experience and now, however, is the level of awareness we apply to being in such a state and the possibility to remain in it consciously.

More concretely, in the class I offer, I work with methods, principles, and exercises through the body and movement into the core of the body to go back to myself.


03 > 07.12.18 - 10:30 > 12:30
Brussels - Raffinerie

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Morning Class 8€ / Week 35€