Alessandro Sciarroni

Belgian Premiere / young audience 6+

Conception et chorégraphie : Alessandro Sciarroni

Avec : Michele Di Stefano et Amy Bell

Conseiller dramaturgie : Antonio Rinaldi

Production : Corpoceleste_C.C.00#

Coproduction : Armunia / Festival Inequilibro

Diffusion : Lisa Gilardino

Soutien : Marche Teatro

Collaboration : Teatro Pubblico Pugliese / La Scena dei Ragazzi

Inventive Italian artist Alessandro Sciarroni is the hyperactive leader of a group of jugglers, some visually impaired people and Bavarian dance specialists (Schuhplattler), testing their endurance and an alternative sensibility. In his first solo, Joseph, he manipulated his own image via a computer. Now, a few years afterwards, he is offering a version of it for children. In a production that uses Skype, a performer appears online and attempts to keep up with the dancer on stage wherever role play and superhero costumes take them. This “linked up” live conversation leads to highly unexpected transformations of the body, producing superb fantastical creatures likely to whet the imagination of everyone, both big and small.


Après le spectacle d’Alessandro Sciarroni, nous invitons les enfants et les jeunes à se retrouver entre copains pour un grand goûter.

Sa 30.09 – 15:30 > 17:00
Charleroi — Les Écuries
sur présentation du ticket du spectacle

+ Sat. 30.09.2017
Charleroi - Les Écuries