Instinct as a source of movement

Roberto Olivan

By learning and using many different kinds of dance techniques Roberto Olivan discovered their limitations for artistic expression. Whilst accepting the necessity for these conventional techniques, he knows that using them exclusively curtails freedom in the dance and the dancers. So he is embarked on a constant quest for the freedom that creates new forms; refining his technique to develop a unique language which can be recognized as his own style – a language centered on speed and precision.

The goal of this workshop is to encourage specificity within movement focussing on generating dance material from our animal instincts and our own creativity.

We will work on efficiency of movement and gravity; bringing awareness to inner sensations such as breathing and the visualization of energy released by movement in order to develop a consciousness around the body & mind and understand how physical structure relates to spatial energies, to others and one self.

In this sense the body becomes a tool of projection for the physical and emotional flow. The force of mental images such as lines and structures around and in the body are used to define and help us to understand the body’s functionality better.

13 > 17.11.2017 - 10:30 > 16:30
Brussels - La Raffinerie

Informations & registration
+32 (0)71 23 01 33
Week 120€