Pièce pour 3 interprètes


Michele Rizzo

première belge

Conception et chorégraphie: Michele Rizzo

Musique: Lorenzo Senni

Performance: Juan Pablo Camara, Max Goran, Michele Rizzo

Création lumières : Michele Rizzo

Production: Frascati Theater, ICK Amsterdam

Soutien technique : Lucas Heistinger

This Amsterdam-based Italian artist is a fan of Prince (and of Rimbaud) who has spent many a night on the dance floor. Dancing to the point of excess, dancing to the point of a trance-like state is what this experience of clubbing is all about for Michele Rizzo. The active but barely conscious body caught in the lights and the bass beats of the music have provided the inspiration for this trio Higher. Inscribed in the continuum and fluidity of movements is the profound expression of the three performers who each rediscover something singular, a style of their own. The exhilaration of the movement is like a revelation that transcends anything human. The last work at this year’s Biennale, Higher launches the party that will bring this festival to a close with dancing…. again and again!!!


Pour finir cette Biennale en beauté, il était inconcevable de ne pas faire appel aux talents de l’enfant du pays, celui dont vous voyez les œuvres s’afficher en ville et qui vous fera danser toute la nuit. Il s’agit de Jérôme Considérant alias Deejay Gouda.

Sa 14.10 – 23:00 > 02:00
Charleroi — Les Écuries

+ Sat. 14.10.2017
Charleroi - Écuries