Ha ha ha

Eugénie Rebetez

Creation 2021 — Belgian premiere — All audiences 6 years +

Chorégraphie, mise en scène : Eugénie Rebetez
Création, interprétation : Tarek Halaby
Création son : Pascale Schaer
Création lumières, direction technique : Léa Beloin
Accompagnement dramaturgie, production du Tanzhaus Zürich : Simon Froehling
Fabrication costumes : Susanne Boner
Collaboration artistique : Alain Borek
Diffusion : Léonore Guy

Production : Verein Eugénie Rebetez
Coproduction : Charleroi danse, Tanzhaus Zürich, Théâtre du Jura, Reso – Réseau Danse Suisse / Fonds Jeune Public
Partenariat de création : L’Échandole
Soutien : Stadt Zürich Kultur, Pro Helvetia, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich

Création novembre 2021, Tanzhaus Zürich

Une co-présentation Pierre de Lune et Charleroi danse

After several pieces creating the setting for her surreal universe, navigating between poetry and rock’n’roll, Eugénie Rebetez is no longer content with just making people (the audience) laugh. Here she explores what laughter is. What if laughter were first and foremost communication, she wonders? If it were a language before being a mechanism, if forms of laughter were about expressing the wide range of emotions that inhabit the laughing person in a game of hide and seek packed with contradictions. Alone on stage, the actor, dancer and producer of sounds Tarek Halaby discovers the emotions that inhabit him one by one, and that materialise in coloured objects to become genuine partners in the game. Immersed in situations that transform him each time, the character of Ha ha ha escapes a prosaic, imperfect, disconcerting and frustrating world, imagining it all differently, lighter, more unexpected, but also more wonderful. A bridge between real life and the imagination, laughter is like a door opening onto a future, a door the audience, both big and small, can pass through.

Tue. 22.02.2022
Brussels - Raffinerie
Wed. 23.02.2022
Brussels - Raffinerie
Wed. 23.02.2022
Brussels - Raffinerie
± 50'