Piece for 3 aerial strap artists and 3 dancers


Samuel Mathieu

Belgian Première

Conception et chorégraphie : Samuel Mathieu
Assistant à la chorégraphie : Lionel Bègue
Danseurs : Fabienne Donnio, Martin Mauriès, Julia Moncla
Sanglistes : Jonas Leclere,
Ana Maria Diaz Tirado, Anthony Weiss
Création musicale : Maxime Denuc
Création lumière : William Lambert, Arthur Gueydan
Régie générale : Amaury Kerbouch

Production : Cie Samuel Mathieu
Coproduction : CIRCa – pôle national des arts du cirque, La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse/Occitanie
Soutien : La Grainerie, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès

Présenté à l’occasion du Festival UP!, Biennale Internationale de Cirque de l’Espace Catastrophe

Samuel Mathieu started out dancing with Régine Chopinot and Jean-Claude Gallotta. For some years now, he has been creating his own works tinged with energy in which the dramaturgy can be traced in the bodies, often with great virility. So it is no surprise to see him interested in circus and in its highly trained, virtuoso performers. For this piece, he drew inspiration from the skills of Yves Klein the sportsman, a judo black belt. It is not widely known that Klein once wrote a synopsis for a ballet. The choreographer has called on Jonas Leclere, originally from Brussels, a circus artist specialising in aerial straps. La Guerre (de la ligne et de la couleur) unfolds metaphorically in a three-dimensional, weightless space because the straps allow the bodies to be suspended and the support of the ground to be removed. “The line is jealous of the colour” announced Klein, so let’s await the results of this peaceful confrontation between the highly agile dancer, Fabienne Donnio, and the young circus artist.

Sat. 17.03.2018
Brussels - La Raffinerie
Sun. 18.03.2018
Brussels - La Raffinerie