Focus Hip Hop

Temps Danses Urbaines / Lila Magnin / Samantha Mavinga / Julien Carlier / Milø Slayers / Ousmane Sy

For a few days, Charleroi danse will 
be taking stock of hip hop dance today.
 A continually evolving discipline, this dance style has become a lot more female in recent years, as Ousmane Sy will show in his Queen(s) Blood. Choreographers today are seeking
 to blend dances (Julien Carlier) or stretch bodies to the point of monstrosity (Milø Slayers). Meanwhile, evidence of how much Tremplin Hip Hop has done for dance training in Belgium will be provided by Lila Magnin and Samantha Mavinga. In Charleroi, Temps Danses Urbaines is actively preparing for the future of this discipline by increasing its courses and workshops, and just what
the future might look like will be manifested by the graceful and energetic display of
 the young girls and teenagers at the school.

25 > 28.11.2020
Charleroi - Les Écuries