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Festival LEGS 2023

Colectivo Malasangre
Thomas Lebrun
Aina Alegre
nora chipaumire
Bryana Fritz & Thibault Lac
Marco da Silva Ferreira
Olga Dukhovnaya
Milø Slayers
Sidney Leoni
& guests


Every spring, dance has an encounter with its history and keeps its memory alive, something that is fundamental for its future. Today, the artistic act that delves into its past and explores a heritage that is highly political, with history as a source of inspiration, reinterpretation and the writing of new stories.

In the 2023 festival, creations by young artists are performed alongside those by more established choreographers (Thomas Lebrun who is celebrating his company’s twentieth anniversary), and great legends (Nijinski, Swan Lake) cross paths with forgotten heroes (Chaminuka from nora chipaumire, a resistance fighter in the country that is now Zimbabwe, and young Cuban activists from the colectivo Malasangre). The programme starts with Bryana Fritz and Thibault Lac on the trail of knight-errant Don Quixote, from Cervantes to Kathy Acker. After researching European folklore and urban dance, Marco da Silva Ferreira is back at La Raffinerie with his exceptional show CARCASS, while Aina Alegre also shows an interest in the folk tradition of Basque dances. Milø Slayers is here with the premiere of DEMONstratio and a Fancy Legs evening that invites you to take to the dance floor. A programme of workshops is also running throughout the festival and there is also a playful installation, Re.Dancing, by Contredanse. Over to you!

21.03 > 01.04
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie