Piece for 7 male performers

Every Direction is North

Balet Moskva & Karine Ponties

Chorégraphie: Karine Ponties
Danseurs (création) : Roman Andreikin, Igor Bekagaev, Konstantin Chelkaev, Arsen Imenov, Alexey Narutto, Ilya Romanov, Alexander Shuisky
Danseurs (tournée 2019-2020) : Roman Andreikin, Roman Mustafin, Alexey Narutto, Andrey Ostapenko, Ilya Romanov, Alexander Shuyskiy, Andrey Tikhonov
Régisseur son & plateau : Artem Ignatiev
Régisseur lumière : Liubov Svobodova
COLLABORATION Artistique éclairage : Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin
Musique originale : David Monceau
Costumes : Sergey Illarionov

Production : Balet Moskva, Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties

Karine Ponties has made travel one
of her favourite subject matters, whether
it is physical or metaphorical: a melting pot of experiences. Dame de Pic created Every Direction Is North with Balet Moskva in 2016, winning the Golden Mask 2017 for the best contemporary dance show in Russia.

Rigour and abandon, Karine Ponties’ fields of research, can again be found in this piece for seven dancers created with Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin (artistic collaboration, lighting) and David Monceau (original music). There is also the highly singular treatment that the choreographer applies to the group: in graphic, organic, playful compositions, like a whole that does not neglect any of its parts. Between revolt and tenderness, between searing intensity and resistance, the bodies absorb and reproduce the energy of speeds, trajectories, elementary forces and external powers.
Here times of struggle and complicity respond to one another in a fluid and fraternal trance, seeking out points of reference.

Fri. 14.02.2020
Charleroi - Les Écuries