Gitanería en un acte et deux tableaux

El Amor Brujo

Israel Galván

Belgian premiere

Mise en scène et chorégraphie : Israel Galván
Danse : Israel Galván/Eduard de los Reyes
Chant : David Lagos
Piano : Alejandro Rojas-Marcos
Musique : Manuel de Falla, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos
Conseiller musical : Pedro G.Romero
Création lumière : Rubén Camacho
Design sonore : Pedro León
Scénographie et direction technique : Pablo Pujol
Assistant à la mise en scène : Balbi Parra
Assistant à la chorégraphie : Marco de Ana
Costumes et silhouettes ; Nino Laisné
Coordinatrice de production : Pilar Lopez
Consultant à la production : Dietrich Grosse – Mondigromax
Productrice déléguée : Carole Fierz

Production : Israel Galván Company
Coproduction : Theatros del Canal, Maison de la musique de Nanterre, Festival de Jerez, dansa. Quinzena metropolitana, MA scène nationale – Pays de Montbéliard, Teatro della Pergola
Soutien : Ayuntamiento de La Rinconada, Espace Jéliote – scène conventionnée Arts de la Marionnette

Israel Galván, the radical and incandescent incarnation of flamenco today, needs no introduction. He is back with his version of El Amor Brujo (Sorcerer’s Love) by Manuel de Falla. What can be done with this prolifically performed monument, widely treated as folklore to the point of forgetting that it is a central point in the connections, comings and goings, between Spanish tradition and gypsy culture? “I want to bring out the magnetism in this work”, announces the dancer-choreographer who takes a brilliant new look at the tradition, giving it back its body and soul.
Less artifice, more body and music “stripped to the bone” promising a more violent, rawer version of this classic. Its softness has been stripped back to return it to its sensational beauty and invite us on a journey to the unknown of magic and superstitions still very much alive today. The sorcery that Galván is preparing to visit has to do with a celebration of the feminine, kept intact in this piece and tamed by the dancer through his graceful moves.

Wed. 09.10.2019
Charleroi - Les Écuries
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