Choreographic piece for 7 bboys / bgirls

Dress Code

Julien Carlier

Creation 2020 / Premiere

Chorégraphie : Julien Carlier

Création, interprétation
 : Jules Rozenwajn, Maria Theodorou, Shane Collins Jean, Fabio Amato, Benoit Nieto Duran, Nouri El Magoulhi (en cours)
Création musicale, collaboration artistique : Simon Carlier

Dramaturgie : Fanny Brouyaux
Collaboration artistique : Justine Bougerol

Production : Compagnie Abis
Coproduction : Charleroi danse, Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Theater Freiburg, La COOP asbl
Soutien : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse, Shelterprod,, ING, Tax-Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge, Centre culturel Jacques Franck, Zinnema, Grand Studio
Les représentations à Bruxelles sont une co-présentation Théâtre Les Tanneurs et Charleroi danse, celles à Charleroi sont présentées dans le cadre du Focus Hip Hop
Charleroi danse s’engage à produire, présenter et accompagner les œuvres de Julien Carlier de 2020 à 2022.
Visuels © Julien Carlier

The performance schedule is awaiting confirmation.

Julien Carlier developed his passion for breakdance while studying physiotherapy in which he earned a masters degree. After training in hip hop in Brussels and Paris, his early experiences on stage came during artistic exchanges with a variety of other disciplines.
He then embarked on projects that were conceived and created collectively.
He draws inspiration for his creative work from the eclectic path he has taken to get here, linking the virtuosity of the hip hop vocabulary to sensitive listening.
He is now closely following the careers of
the seven dancers he has invited to perform in Dress Code, emphasising “the selflessness they have had to show while, for the specific duration of the performance in front an audience, they re-enact this attempt to go further and, paradoxically, seek approval”.
He is attempting to experiment with the mystery of this discipline, with everything that is imprinted on the body before virtuosity emerges, because this virtuosity comes
from the endurance, mutual assistance
and continuous exchange that remain key elements in the world of breakdance.

Wed. 16.06.2021
Thu. 17.06.2021
Fri. 18.06.2021
Sat. 19.06.2021
Sun. 20.06.2021