Piece for 8 dancers

CANCELED / Danser Casa

Kader Attou & Mourad Merzouki

Belgian premiere

Direction artistique et chorégraphique : Kader Attou, Mourad Merzouki
Avec : Ayoub Abekkane, Mosab Belhajali, Yassine El Moussaoui, Oussama El Yousfi, Aymen Fikri, Stella Keys, Hatim Laamarti, Ahmed Samoud
Musique : Régis Baillet-Diaphane et musiques additionnelles
Lumières : Madjid Hakimi
Costumes : Émilie Carpentier, Alexandra Langlois
Assistanat à la chorégraphie : Virgile Dagneaux, Christophe Gellon

Coproduction : L’Uzine – Fondation Touria et Abdelaziz Tazi, Casablanca events & animations, Festival Montpellier Danse 2018, CCN Créteil & Val-de-Marne, CCN de La Rochelle, Théâtre du Vellein, CAPI-Villefontaine, Théâtre de Chartres, État d’esprit productions, Aparté
Soutien : Institut Français du Maroc, Le Studio des Arts Vivants Casablanca, Fondation PGD

Retrouvez également Mourad Merzouki au PBA le 18 mars avec Vertikal
Une co-présentation PBA, L’Ancre et Charleroi danse à l’occasion de la clôture du Festival KICKS!

Creating a dance group from a show? That’s the crazy challenge presented by Danser Casa, which gave rise to a piece
that premiered in 2018 in Casablanca and indeed to a company.
The group comprise seven Moroccan men and one Congolese woman. The two choreographers in this venture – Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki – found that this casting was imposed on them rather than being an arbitrary choice during auditions in Morocco.
You couldn’t dream of anyone better than the two friends from hip-hop company Accrorap to launch this group dynamic and build up a piece
from the dancers and their desires.
Danser Casa reveals the spectacle of the Moroccan street and the lives of the urban youth. In a piece stripped of everything picturesque, the dancers, spurred on by their choreographers, share their states of body and of mind, between rebellions and hopes, social suffering and personal accomplishments, manly challenges and festive fusions.
Prodigious, virtuoso, collective, Casa’s dance unfolds like a promise of the future.