Piece for 10 dancers


Alice Ripoll / Cie Suave

All ages 14 +

Chorégraphie : Alice Ripoll
Danse : Gabriel Tiobil, Kinho JP, Hiltinho Fantástico, Nyandra Fernandes, May Eassy, Romulo Galvão, Sanderson Dançarino Brabo, Thamires Candida, GB Dançarino Brabo, Ronald Sheick
Assistanat à la chorégraphie, régie son : Alan Ferreira
Répétiteur : Renato Linhares
Création lumière : Andréa Capella
Technicienne lumière : Isadora Giuntini
Costumes : Raquel Theo
Direction musique Funk : DJ Pop Andrade
Designer : Caick Carvalho
Manager : Rafael Fernandes
Distribution : Art Happens

Production : Suave
Soutien : Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Casa do Jongo, Rafael Machado Fisioterapia

Photo © Renato Mangolin

Brazilian Alice Ripoll is fascinated by passinho, a dance that emerged from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and has been adopted throughout Brazil, despite its difficulty and the physical effort required.
This urban dance is a way for young people to express their rage and delight at being alive, as well as their wonderful resilience to suffering and despair.
Created with 10 dancers from the group Suave, Cria has
a kind of manic-depressive humour as the piece alternates between intense states of exultation and celebration, with the highly charged group absorbing and reconstructing the music’s rapid and jerky rhythm, and short forms in the first person tinged with melancholy and uncertainty.
A highly impure mix of samba and breakdance, frevo and kuduro, borrowing from Africa and North America, Cria closely examines states of the body and soul of a deprived generation, reinventing itself with spontaneity, generosity and unwavering richness, wanting to be born again with every step of this “new-born dance, offspring of our emotion”.


Meet the artists after the show

+ Sat. 14.12.2019
Charleroi - Écuries