Cours technique de base, tous niveaux, ouvert à tous.tes. Maximum 20 participant.e.s

Cours de Baladi



Avec Alexandre Paulikevitch

Photo © Tanya Traboulsi

The baladi, more commonly known as “oriental” dance or “belly dancing”, is Egyptian in origin and acknowledged to be one of the oldest dances in the world. Originally performed primarily by women, the 19th century western world thought of it as a dance of seduction. The body of a baladi dancer is fluid in contrast to the contained body found in European ballet. Requiring technique and relaxation, it is a liberating dance that respects the body and its limits.

Course on the basic technique, open to all. Maximum 20 participants


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The bar of Charleroi danse is open too 🍷🍻

17, 24, 31.03.2022 — 10:30 > 12:30
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie