Contes Immoraux – Partie 1 : Maison Mère

Compagnie Non Nova

All ages 16+

Écriture, Mise en scène : Phia Ménard, Jean-Luc Beaujault
Interprétation, scénographie : Phia Ménard
Composition sonore : Ivan Roussel
Régie son : Ivan Roussel
Régie plateau : Ludovic Losquin, Rodolphe Thibaud, David Leblanc, Clarisse Delile
Costumes, accessoires : Fabrice Ilia Leroy
Régisseur général : Olivier Gicquiaud
Co-directrice, Administratrice, Chargée diffusion : Claire Massonnet
Assistante administration, Production : Constance Winckler
Chargée de communication, Production : 
Justine Lasserrade

Production : Compagnie Non Nova – Phia Ménard
Coproduction : documenta 14 Kassel, Le Carré, Scène nationale et Centre d’Art contemporain de Château-Gontier

Grand Prix du Jury, 53e BITEF – Belgrade International Theatre Festival 2019

Création juillet 2017, documenta 14, Cassel

Une co-présentation PBA et Charleroi danse

Maison Mère was devised by Phia Ménard in 2017 in response to a proposition from Documenta Kassel 14.
At the start of the performance, a large piece of cardboard is placed on the floor like a gigantic surprise package, out of which a construction stubbornly emerges. Alone on stage, the artist puts up the walls by adjusting its supports; without any evident emotion, she traces, cuts, folds and assembles the box until she has made a Monopoly-like house, the result of all this labour. We curiously and sometimes anxiously follow the efforts of the steady worker. What comes next relates to the artist’s suspense and the cumulus towering above her. An allegory of a Europe permanently being built and threatened by clouds of obscurantism, Maison Mère offers the masterly spectacle of a fragile world, full of all kinds of references but condemned to extinction.

Thu. 20.04.2023
Charleroi - Les Écuries
Fri. 21.04.2023
Charleroi - Les Écuries