Pièce pour 2 interprètes


Monia Montali & François Bodeux

Concept : Monia Montali, François Bodeux

Performance : Jef Stevens, Octave Delaunoy

Composition sonore : Miquel Casaponsa

Production : Blueback asbl

Coproduction : Charleroi danse, workspacebrussels, Les Brigittines

Soutien : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service général des Arts de la Scène – Secteur de l’interdisciplinaire

Created in 2015, Company is the second piece by Monia Montali and François Bodeux inspired by the work of Samuel Beckett. Both trained in photography and the performing arts (dance for her and lighting for him) and are developing a refined work on perception.

The piece Company stages two archetypal figures: an old man and a child. As if they have come out of a painting, these presences fantastically inhabit the space in a pared down set consisting of just a bed. Memory seems to set these immobile figures in motion. The rare gestures and actions detach themselves and create a choreography of appearances and reminiscences. The show is like a subtle painting of the cycle of life, a theatre of dreams and sensation.

Fri. 19.01.2018
Brussels - Raffinerie
Sat. 20.01.2018
Brussels - Raffinerie