C’est une légende

Raphaël Cottin

Young audiences aged 8 or over

Chorégraphie, textes, scénographie : Raphaël Cottin

Interprétation : Antoine Arbeit, Nicolas Diguet

Création musicale : David François Moreau

Musiques additionnelles : Max Richter, Carl Friedrich Abel, Ludwig von Beethoven, Jule Styne
Narratrice – Voix off : Sophie Lenoir
Lumières : Catherine Noden
Costumes : Catherine Garnier
Répétitrice : Corinne Lopez
Collaboration : Michel Barthaux

Production : La Poétique des Signes
Administration : Lise Daynac
Coproduction : CCN de Tours, L’apostrophe – Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d’Oise, Label Rayons Frais – Ville de Tours, La Pléiade – La Riche

Une co-présentation Charleroi danse et PBA

That dance is something for other people (and for girls) is a myth still touted by many. How can these popular beliefs be laid to rest and these platitudes too frequently heard about dance changed? This is what Raphaël Cottin intends to do with this tailor-made show for young audiences but where adults can still learn a great deal about dance. Six chapters in the history of dance are evoked to stimulate young spectators in their approach to dance and movement. In passing it is possible to spot Isadora Duncan, the high priestess of free dance, or Pina Bausch who is so skilled at laying feelings bare. It also features the crucial contributions made by Alwin Nikolais and Rudolf Laban. Everything is done to awaken curiosity and give some points of reference that make dance a major art form. This history of dance through the ages is performed by two talented dancers who carry us off on a beautiful odyssey of the gesture.


La représentation tout public du mercredi sera suivie d’un bord de scène

Tue. 12.03.2019
Charleroi - Écuries
Wed. 13.03.2019
Charleroi - Écuries
+ Wed. 13.03.2019
Charleroi - Écuries