Young audiences 8+ / Duo

[ Cancelled ] Camping Sauvage

Maria Clara Villa-Lobos

Creation 2020

Conception, chorégraphie : Maria Clara Villa-Lobos
Interprétation : Hippolyte Bohouo, Tomas Danielis
Création lumières, régie : Emma Laroche
Création sonore : Gaëtan Bulourde
Costumes : Barbara Mavro Thalassitis

Production : XL Production/ Villa-Lobos asbl
Coproduction : Charleroi danse
Soutien : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse, Théâtre Marni, Pierre de Lune
Visuels © DR & Maria Clara Villa-Lobos

Création automne 2020, Théâtre Marni, Bruxelles

Présenté à l’occasion du Noël des Mômes

Based in Brussels since 1995, Brazil-born Maria Clara Villa-Lobos had a fine career dancing for the likes of Rui Horta, ballets C de la B and Sasha Waltz before embarking on choreography herself. XL, because size does matter, created for Brussels 2000, merrily denounced consumerist society – a theme that continues to run through the fifteen

or so pieces created by her company
XL Production. In Camping Sauvage, her latest theatre-dance show for young audiences, Maria Clara Villa-Lobos ploughs her furrow, teases reality, scrutinises social dealings
and reveals their hidden side. As recently in Mas-Sacre (on the meat industry) and Alex au Pays des poubelles (on the issue of rubbish), for Camping Sauvage the choreographer constructs a visual language for the stage that allows the audience to train a sharp eye on the workings of the contemporary world and fights over territory. The question of living together and cultural mixing emerges with humour and lightness, but without removing the controversy from the subject matter.


Représentation de l’après-midi :
Selon les conditions sanitaires en cours au moment de l’événement, un goûter pourra être offert à tous les enfants présents après le spectacle !
Nous attendons d’en savoir plus pour confirmer cette possibilité.

Wed. 17.03.2021
Charleroi - Écuries
Wed. 17.03.2021
Charleroi - Écuries
young audiences