Composition chorégraphique pour 6 danseurs et 1 musicien


Marco da Silva Ferreira

Creation 2019 / Belgian premiere

Direction artistique et chorégraphie : Marco da Silva Ferreira

Interprètes (en cours) : André Cabral, Vitor Fontes, Eríca Santos, Leonor Ramos, Marco da Silva Ferreira

Musique, son : Rui Lima, Sérgio Martins

Lumière : Wilma Moutinho

Costumes : João Rôla

Dramaturgie : Mara Andrade, Pietro Romani

Production : Pensamento Avulso – Associação de Artes Performativas
Chargée de production : Célia Machado

Coproduction : Charleroi danse, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Théâtre de la Ville à Paris, São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Création le 11 janvier 2019 au Teatro Municipal do Porto

Cette représentation s’inscrit dans Brussels, dance !

João Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Paulo Ribeiro, Clara Andermatt and Francisco Camacho among others paved the way for contemporary dance in Portugal. Now a new generation is here. In 2015 with Hu(r)mano, a mix of urban and contemporary dance, Marco da Silva Ferreira was nominated as Portugal’s best young creator. Now artist in residence at the Théâtre de Porto, run by choreographer Tiago Guedes, in BISON, he questions stereotypes of masculinity, confronting them with some of the signs of queer culture. Between splendour and intimacy, what relationships are being played out? It is certainly more about dancing this question than explaining it, or rather explaining it like a living installation with a quartet of performers in face-to-face pairs, male-male and female-female. A round of observations and frictions in a kind of octagonal ring, inspired by the open stages of b-boying battles.

Fri. 15.03.2019
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie